About Us

OneVanilla.com is a prepaid gift card company used as an alternative to cash purchases. Onevanilla gift cards can generally be redeemed for purchases at select private US stores, and the card is not redeemable. The OneVanilla Gift Card uses the OneVanilla Prepaid Visa Card and the OneVanilla Prepaid MasterCard to create generic gift cards.


The OneVanilla Gift Card

Vanilla Gift: The Vanilla Gift can be purchased at any of the above stores and gifted to anyone. These cards are available nationwide and accepted in the United States and the District of Columbia. To check your Vanilla Visa Gift Card balance, visit the official website www.onevanilla.com and enter your 16-digit card number, expiration date, and 3-digit CVV number for detailed information.

The Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card is a fast, easy-to-use prepaid gift card that is more secure than cash and more flexible than gift cards and retail gift cards. Vanilla MasterCard gift cards are available in $ 25, $ 50, $ 100, and $ 200 formats (see exceptions below) and are accepted at millions of stores that accept MasterCard debit cards in fifty (50) District states. from Colombia.


Finding gift cards can be a bit tricky, especially with all the different options available. These days every retailer seems to have their own gift card available for purchase.

In which stores can I buy the OneVanilla gift card?

The OneVanilla Card can be purchased at these stores in the United States.

CVS Pharmacy, Walmart Store, Walgreens Store, Rite Aid Pharmacy, 7 Eleven, Dollar General Store, Family Dollar, and Valero Store.

But maybe you want something the store can use to back it up?

Have you ever found OneVanilla prepaid Visa cards and MyVanilla cards in the store and wondered what the difference is?

We will cover all aspects of the OneVanilla gift card and compare it to its premium, the MyVanilla reloadable prepaid card.