When you want to buy something, either online or in-store, usually you will use a credit card or debit card, aren’t you? However, there is also another method that you can use to do this transaction, which is called the OneVanilla card service.


OneVanilla Card is a unique prepaid service that you can use at many stores and service providers all across the country.

What Are The Benefits Of The OneVanilla Card?

  • Add money quickly with direct deposit and easy reloading.
  • You can use the SMS notification service to get updates on account balances and purchases.
  • You can transfer money safely between OneVanilla card accounts.
  • The main benefit of OneVanilla is its practical usage.
  • Basically, with this card, you can make a transaction at any store where you can use MasterCard and Visa debit cards.
  • The MasterCard and Visa debit card are available in all states in the US, including the District of Columbia, like what you can find when you apply for this OneVanilla service.
  • This is also the reason why you can apply for this card easily, which is by using your debit card from those two brands to apply it.
  • The most important thing is the fee.
  • When you use OneVanilla to purchase or pay something, you won’t be charged by transaction fee, so you really spend the money that you have spent on that transaction.
  • And, you also can get the benefits when you apply for the OneVanilla service.
  • One of them is you won’t get any credit check and even you don’t need to give personal information, which makes it safer compared to similar services.


With OneVanilla, you have more money management options, money usage management is at your disposal, and a direct connection to your account is available.


With so many benefits and ease of use, the OneVanilla Card is basically perfect for those who want to make the transaction as easy as possible in-store and online.

Having this card in your pocket will provide you with various experiences when purchasing products or services. Although it is simple and very useful, you must also understand that you will need sufficient funds to purchase this product. Otherwise, it will only cause you a lot of financial trouble.